The Flying Dutchman Foundation was created when four highly motivated Dutch men took on the challenge to restore the DC-4 Skymaster and return her from her current location in South Africa to her rightful home to the Netherlands. Anne Cor Groeneveld, Ton van Deursen, Martin Scheffmann and Lars den Hartigh believe there is sound reasoning behind their plans. The DC-4 Skymaster can bring the Dutch aviation sector together in a way that emphasises the importance of the international connections to the Netherlands and is consistent with the pioneering spirit of the industry.


The Flying Dutchman Foundation was established on 2 December 2013 and the target DC-4 Skymaster was acquired on 23 December 2013.

The Flying Dutchman Foundation’s vision for arousing public pride in Dutch aviation comes at a critical time. Aviation worldwide has, and will continue to face, major challenges. The Netherlands has not been exempt from such obstacles, leading to dwindling public engagement and support. However, the economic outlook is improving. A retrospective showcasing 100 years of commercial aviation in the Netherlands will help restore faith in the resilience and innovativeness of the sector.

The Flying Dutchman Foundation envisions sending the DC-4 Skymaster on various trade missions that tell a grand story and capture the heart of the industry and public alike. Missions that encapsulate the by-gone glamour and intrepidness of early air travel and pay homage to the rich history of Dutch aviation.

Enthusiasm for combining this initiative with a platform of business sponsorship, cross-promotion, public engagement and a highly visible media campaign is widely supported.


The Board

The Flying Dutchman Foundation executive board:


Lars den Hartigh MSc, chairman, captain Boeing 737 KLM

Olaf Hoftijzer, secretary, Director Training KLM Engineering & Maintenance

Sudeep Moses Raju, treasurer, Delivery manager EPAM systems

Philippe Tammes, boardmember, Director owner Seymour Films & Projects

Vacancy, boardmember

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