More than just historical tribute, the Flying Dutchman DC-4 Skymaster is the physical embodiment of adventure travel.

In 2014, the Flying Dutchman Foundation commenced investigations into the logistical requirements of restoring and deploying the DC-4 Skymaster in time for the Netherlands’ aviation industry centenary celebrations. Finding the venture feasible, the foundation is now seeking collaborations with industry and business to make this venture a reality.

An attractive cross-promotion proposition exists for stakeholder, partner and sponsor involvement in an initiative forecast to receive domestic and international mass media attention and widespread public engagement.


Schiphol Airport will celebrate one hundred in operation in 2016. KLM, NLR and Fokker will follow in 2019. These major stakeholders (partners from the Dutch aviation industry) are an important pillar to link the most prestigious brands in this initiative. A campaign crafted around this historical aircraft provides these stakeholders the opportunity to launch a feel good campaign with national and international reach.

Partners & Sponsors

The Dutch aviation industry has many small medium enterprise companies that supply subsystems and components to aviation. These companies have a rich history of their own worth sharing and we invite them to become collaborators of the DC-4 Skymaster initiative. Corporate partnership and sponsorship opens up unprecedented media opportunities and promotional activities that can be tailored as required.


The restoration of the DC-4 Skymaster and trade missions orchestrated by the Flying Dutchman Foundation provide stirring visuals and a rich narrative that is already beginning to attract significant media attention. In addition to multiple reporting opportunities for print and digital press coverage, development has begun on a high-value, adventure-travel television series with domestic and international distribution potential.

Cultural grants, media licensing and consumer purchases will also be sought to finance the venture.


The Flying Dutchman Foundation strongly believes it can only and therefore it will only operate while imposing the highest safety standards on itself.
In Europe those are the rules as governed by EASA, these are the same regulations as to which commercial airlines like KLM operate.

The DC-4 Skymaster is a 4-engined airplane designed for transatlantic operations.

In practical terms the FDF has the following plan for European certification;
– the initial heavy maintenance check will be carried out by our partner Skyclass. We will use their experience in DC-4 maintenance to safeguard the highest quality while learning from their expertise.
– on top of the South African aviation regulations the FDF will superimpose an extra set of checks and modifications. This program will be based on ICAO annex 19 and the regulations as published in EASA ORO Gen 200, Management system (SM).

After the maintenance is done the commercial license is important; again the FDF will work with Skyclass’ expertise to gain knowledge to bring to Europe and the Dutch Civil Aviation Authority.

The FDF is determined to operate her DC-4 under European regulations. The Foundation will focus no governing, maintaining and finding qualified partners for operation, while outsourcing commercial exploitation.

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